FitBurn Revolutionizes Workouts with AI Integration, Led by Visionary CEO Ferhat Kacmaz

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DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / April 10, 2023 / As the fusion of artificial intelligence and fitness takes the world by storm, FitBurn emerges as a groundbreaking player, setting new benchmarks with its AI-infused, blockchain-powered lifestyle app designed for a personalized user experience.

FitBurn, a trailblazing project that marries sports and blockchain technology, is set to ignite the fitness realm with its AI-driven evolution. The app’s bespoke workout plans will empower users to optimize their routines, monitor progress, and swiftly achieve their goals.

The Ultimate Synergy: Blockchain Meets Fitness

FitBurn’s ingenious Burn-to-Earn model rewards users for burning calories while promoting a healthy lifestyle. In partnership with leading firms, the app offers exclusive discounts, special deals, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Community engagement is not only encouraged but also rewarded, allowing active NFT holders, stakers, and liquidity providers to earn extra coins.

Now, FitBurn is poised to elevate its offerings by delivering a more personalized and user-focused experience, driven by its transition into an AI-powered fitness app.

FitBurn’s Exciting AI Transformation

After raising a staggering $4 million in March 2023, FitBurn has invested heavily in artificial intelligence R&D to elevate the user experience. The project has assembled a dedicated AI team that collaborates with nutrition and fitness experts to pioneer advanced AI technology for the platform.

FitBurn’s AI investment will offer users a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Personalized workout plans tailored to individual preferences, needs, and goals, based on FitBurn’s sophisticated algorithms

  • Optimized workout routines and motivational incentives through progress tracking

  • Ideal diet and training partner suggestions within the FitBurn community, based on users’ habits, training cycles, intensities, and performance levels

These innovative features and functionalities are just the beginning for FitBurn’s AI-powered app.

CEO and Co-Founder Ferhat Kacmaz shares his enthusiasm, “As a sportsman, I understand the importance of individualized approaches and motivation for achieving desired results. That’s why we focused on these aspects while creating FitBurn. An AI-enabled fitness app will be in high demand, and I’m confident that our AI integration will position FitBurn at the forefront of this revolution.

“Web2 products like Tonal, MyFitnessPal and Mirror have taken the world by storm proving there is rapidly growing demand for AI fitness products. Firestarter decided to incubate Fitburn because they combine AI, real-world token utility, and a reward system that makes it easy for users to achieve their fitness goals. This sets to be the unchallenged Web3 winner for the AI ​​Fitness category” said the Director of Operations of FirestarterJorge Hernández

Firestarter is a tier 1 launchpad that invests in, incubates and advises AI, Metaverse and GameFi projects. Firestarter projects have launched at an average of 30x above their presale price and require the $Flame token to participate.

Discover the FitBurn Universe

Boosting blockchain technology, unique incentives, and a mission to promote healthy, active lifestyles, FitBurn offers a world of possibilities to fitness enthusiasts. The AI ​​transition will only enhance the project’s value for exercisers in the future.

About FitBurn

Launched in early 2022, FitBurn’s blockchain-powered app rewards users for fitness activities and sports. As the pioneer of the Burn-to-Earn model, the project enhances physical well-being by incentivizing calorie burning.

FitBurn also provides users with free one-year memberships at partner gyms, access to a range of social activities and industry events, and opportunities to engage in local challenges and national and global leaderboards.

The team has collaborated with Olympia Weekend Expo and FIBO, the world’s largest fitness and bodybuilding trade shows. They are currently working on further partnerships with industry-leading brands to extend user benefits.

To learn more about FitBurn, visit the official website and stay updated on the latest news by following their social media channels:



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