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Name: a2uploader with cid53 support
Uploader: kusal11
Filedescription: this archive is not corrupted and is virus free
Size: 4523.31 KB
BBCode to link in forums: [filebase]1336[/filebase]
Date: 20.09.2009 08:13
Category: Flashing Softwares
Downloads: 2810
Downloadlink: To download, you first have to log in or register!

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Author: litemint Date: 2011-05-31 16:47

Just turn off your AntiVirus. Just a false alarm :D :tongue:

Author: rdpaz24 Date: 2009-12-21 02:31

I have AVG antivirus and it tells me that the program has a virus... all the A2UPLOADERS i have, tell me that same shhht, i have another a2uploader that does not have this issue, but doesn't detect my phone... i think it's fate telling me not to flash my phone!!! :sad: